The Panama Papers is a global investigation into the sprawling, secretive industry of offshore that the world’s rich and powerful use to hide assets and skirt rules by setting up front companies in far-flung jurisdictions. Based on a trove of more than 11 million leaked files, the investigation exposes a cast of characters who use […]

With the advent of the internet and websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and many others, our lives are in the public eye. It seems everyone has become an armchair detective lately. Combine that with your experience as an attorney and your ability to locate and interview witnesses and retrieve criminal and civil records and you

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Everybody knows what a Private Investigator is.  Or, do they?  The movies depict the Investigator as the cigarette-smoking observer dressed in a dark suit, often holding the newspaper, coffee cup, wearing sunglasses, hat and other incognito accessories.  But, In real life, what is the purpose of a Private Investigator?  What do they do?  And how do you

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In business, there are “knowns” and “unknowns.” Knowns can be good or bad, but in either case they help you assess, plan ahead and act accordingly. Unknowns afford no such luxury. They represent blind spots, risk areas – and they can lead your company into trouble.

1: Redirected Internet searches 2: Unwanted browser toolbars 3: Fake antivirus messages… 4: Frequent random pop-ups 5: Your friends receive fake emails from you 6: Your online passwords suddenly change 7: Unexpected software installs 8: Your mouse moves between programs and makes correct selections 9: Your anti malware software, Task Manager, or Registry Editor is

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