Cheaters Will Always Cheat

An honest living is not easy. When one is financially wrecked, some people don’t think rationally. Rather than ask for assistance or find a permanent & legal solution to their plight, they steal, lie, cook, scam, & defraud their way out of their misery. Once the money is obtained, their pleasure receptors in their brains are activated. They feel “rewarded” & they’ll want more.

Because the funds are obtained via hook & crook rather than hard work, they spend it lavishly thinking “I can always get more”. Some do get more & more after that. It goes on until their brains become lazy they can’t brainstorm their way to hard-won success.

They steal & cheat as soon as they are in need of funds or provisions, forever sinking themselves into problems & an addiction to immorality. It’s easy to cheat in a game than playing it by the rules, especially when playing by these rules don’t yield “quick” results. Impatience leads to cheating & when you add pressure & desperation into the mix, a morally upright individual may end up looking up the proverbial “Cheater’s Manual” for a strategy to get out of the mess.

Cheaters will always cheat, except for those who decide to mend their ways. For those who don’t mend their ways, the Cheater’s Strategy will always be their favorite tool & their only “salvation”.