Cheating Spouse-The Red Flags

Infidelity, Extra Marital Affair, Secret Lover or in Malay they call it ‘Curang” or “Makan Luar”, these are the names and terms which are referred to a cheating spouse and no doubt with the sophistication of Malaysian family from time to time and maybe due to lacking of religious foundation, these type of cases are on the rising mode.

Facing this type of situation, before you can begin to unravel the kind of situation, one must analyze the root cause to determine the appropriate measures that can be taken to address the issue . Typically, the cheating spouse fall within three major categories:
1. Cheating for Attention. Maybe you and your spouse have been habitually busy and you “just don’t have time for each other any more.” Relationships require attention, whether it is emotional or physical. Lacking in either department may lead an individual to seek it elsewhere.

2. Cheating out of Monotony. When a relationship goes stale, that spark is gone and the thrill is no longer there, but your lives are so entwined with a house, kids, family and other pressures that it doesn’t make sense to split,hence, cheating because a short term answer.

3. Cheating for Lifestyle. The mind goes straight the classics. The man wants to be with a younger hotter woman and the woman wants to be treated like a princess. If this isn’t happening at home, it may lead an individual to infidelity.

So what are the warning signs that he is cheating? What are the warning signs that she is cheating? The answer is anything and everything and it could be as below:-
-A sudden interest in new clothes, grooming and hygiene or physical fitness
-More or less attentive than usual
Picking fights and speculating about a relationship ending
-Lack of communication
-Drastic changes in behavior
But the number one sign that they are cheating is your gut feeling that they are. More often than not, if you think they are cheating, they probably are. If you are married with assets and kids, it may be time to find an attorney and a private investigator. Retaining professional support can lead to a split where you receive the lions share of time with the kids and your estate.

I’m not saying that I’m Dr Love or cheat all the way but but above is just a 2 cents opinion based on our experiences dealing with such cases.