Director, Business Development

Wan Zetil AidaWan Zetil Aida Bt Ishak is the Business and Development Consultant for My Private Eye Consulting Sdn Bhd. She holds a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Economics from Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Wan Zetil Aida Bt Ishak had an extensive experience in the business networks and development where she had served in Malaysian National Insurance, Institute of Health System Research and various other multi level marketing companies in Malaysia. She is also a prominent freelance business planner giving consultancy to SME’s on business development and financial technicalities. Her expertise in business development such as marketing, promotion and financial aspect of the business will ensure the financial stability of the company in the long run. Apart from that, her insight on the aspects of investigation involving complex accounting processes will be much valuable in maintaining highest quality of investigation deliverable to the customer.